M. Rivera Construction Co.

About Our Company



Our company has successfully expanded its services to include the  following:




 Metal studs


 Acoustical ceilings  


 Doors, frames and hardware

 Rough/Finish carpentry


Our company employs union crews and is signatory with the following unions:


Laborers Local 310


Carpenters Union local 21


Bricklayers Local 5


Ironworkers Local 17

Operating Engineers Local 18


Insulators Local 3

Our company maintains the following M.B.E, S.B.E, and C.B.E certifications:

City of Cleveland



Cuyahoga County            













About Our President:


As a former officer for the Laborers Local 310 (Sergeant of Arms), Mark Rivera has worked in the construction field for over 35 years with a  strong union background. 


Establishing his residence in Cleveland Ohio, Mark Rivera became interested in boxing while attending college and working in the construction field.


Turning to professional boxing in 1983, he went on to win the Ohio State Light- Heavyweight title.  In 1985, Mark Rivera fought Evander Holyfield on ABC’s        “ Wide World of Sports”.  He retired  in 1986 with a record of 17-3.  He continued in professional boxing with M. Rivera Productions where he mentored, trained and promoted young professional boxers until the end of 1994.


In 1995, Mark formed M. Rivera Construction.  His goal was to develop a construction company that would begin as a subcontractor and ultimately become a General Contractor.  This process would not only allow Mark gainful employment but also give him the opportunity to employ Hispanics and other minorities in various trades, thereby promoting them in the various trade unions.


Mark Rivera’s perseverance and determination helped him accomplish a lifelong dream of developing a successful Hispanic Business in Cleveland.


M. Rivera Construction’s substantial growth is due not only to the quality of its work and work ethics, but also a number of large general contractors that rely on the company and the integrity that Mark Rivera brings to the Job.


Because of these opportunities, M. Rivera Construction has been able to give back and support others with the same dreams to achieve their goals.


Mark has always looked for the possible when others say it’s impossible.  He is vested in his business and  the growth of his community.  Saving buildings such as the cornerstones of W. 25th Belkin Building and the F.L Thompson Building.

 This has allowed this Cleveland community to begin flourishing with new small business opportunities for others to play their part in revitalizing the Cleveland area.


Mark  has always welcomed the opportunities to bid on any job regardless of the size or scope of the work.  Bringing strong ethics and determination regardless of the task.


Mark says his greatest strengths are his vision and the ability to get the best out of those who surround him.  Mark was raised with strong work ethics, devoted to family and religion.   This and his desire to help others has made him a natural leader who has walked in many different shoes down life’s various paths.  Even today, he will roll up his shirtsleeves and work alongside his employees to help get the job done on time and right the first time. 


Mark Rivera has grown from his past experiences and achievements, focuses on the present to achieve a brighter future for himself and his community.